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Great Lakes Seminars Team Members

Clinical Director – Patrick Hoban

Patrick is the founder and co-owner of Great Lakes Seminars and the creator of the manual therapy courses for Great Lakes Seminars. As Clinical Director, Patrick oversees all aspects of the courses, including hiring and training instructors, updating course content and working with instructors to ensure that our courses are continuing to meet the needs of the registrants. Patrick also responds to a large portion of questions from registrants regarding clinical matters.  

Patrick is blessed to be married to an incredible woman, Christy Hoban, as well as having three fantastic kids - Gabriel, Sarah and Matthew. He loves to spend time with his family, work out and read.

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Co-Owner – Tony Castaldi

Tony Castaldi is a co-owner of Great Lakes Seminars. Tony’s responsibility is ensuring that everything other than the actual teaching portion of our courses is top notch and evolving to meet the needs of our registrants.  

His way of doing this is staying out of the way of the Great Lakes Seminars’ talented staff and trying to help guide without limiting their ideas or skills. Although he is ultimately responsible for the non-teaching side of our business, he realizes that GLS staff members are in touch with our registrants and are therefore the best suited to address their needs.

Contrary to the popular belief that Tony enjoys romance movies, pastel colors and kittens, he actually loves simply doing anything with his wife and two boys, fishing, music and reading.

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