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Customer Testimonials

"Great Lakes Seminars is the gold standard for courses!"
Lynchburg, Sacroiliac

"Best course I've taken in years."
Reno, Shoulder

"I love Great Lakes Courses; they make it easy to understand and the skills are easily applicable to patients for Monday morning."
Hummlestown, Foot

"For the first time I understand Sacral movements!" 
San Francisco, Sacroiliac

"The information was applicable to my work, the techniques will be able to be utilized immediately, I have enhanced my tool belt."
VA Beach, Knee

“I will be able to use the techniques starting tomorrow; I already have patients I know who will benefit from all of the techniques.”
Lawrenceville, Knee

“I love Great Lakes teaching style; one of the best courses I've ever taken.”
San Francisco, Cervical Thoracic

“Excellent! I am not sure if there is any course that meets the needs as GLS does for me. The seminars are then topped off with laminated cheat sheets and a DVD to use after leaving the course. No other course gives this additional information-without an additional cost attached. GLS really wants their students to leave with confidence and ready to go using their newly learned techniques with their patients!”

“You are doing a fantastic job getting the word out with GLS. If you are not marketing, the people attending previous courses will certainly do it for you!”

“I have many choices, but choose you because I can immediately utilize my new skills when I get home from one of your courses. Your instructors are very good teachers; not all skilled therapists are also good teachers. I appreciate the professionalism and humor that they possess while teaching manual therapy techniques. Thank you for bringing these skills to us on a level that is comfortable and challenging.”

“The seminars and instructors are simply great. After taking the seminar the outlook to analyze the patient's problem changes almost completely. The techniques taught in the course are extremely useful and beneficial, and, as the brochure says, the techniques learned during the seminar can actually be used on Monday morning on the patients. Speed mobilizations are the way to go. By the time you are at the end of course you get a chance to practice each and understand the benefit of each mobilization technique used. Instructors are great and have in-depth knowledge of the subject and are always ready to help during the course. Patrick is great at getting back to you through e-mail if you need any help with the treatment of a patient or have questions related to the field. I would strongly recommend these courses to my colleagues and friends.”

“You offer tremendous educational opportunities to all therapists. The instructors are superb and obviously love what they do. Because of your courses, I have taken my clinical skills to a whole new level. I view things differently now and tend to ask ‘why?’ much more frequently. Thank you!”

Private Course Host Testimonials

“Having an in-house course was one of the best things we could have done, not only from a continuity of care standpoint, but for morale.”

“We have hosted several courses with GLS and all of the courses are superior to any other classes we have taken.”

“Everyone really appreciated all of the hands-on, practical lab time.  As a host, I appreciated how simple the process was.”

“No one does it better than Great Lakes!”

“Love the technique, love the course set up, love the experience!”

Public Course Host Testimonials

“GLS does everything ensure that the host facility responsibilities are minimal. They also have a great staff and amazing instructors.”
Lyndhurst, NJ

“Great Lakes is very organized and everything just flows easily. Is it always a pleasure to host your courses.”
Chattanooga, TN

“We enjoyed the ease of hosting. You make the process very streamlined and we enjoy the 3 free registrations. I look forward to a continued relationship with Great Lakes Seminars. Your courses have been excellent.”
Grand Rapids, MI

“Great Lakes allowed our facility to be a part of a great learning experience. Instructors teaching methods were excellent.”
Lebanon, PA

“(Great Lakes Seminars) has set the standard for excellence (and I’ve worked with other providers). We enjoyed the excellent organization and support.”
Vero Beach, FL

“From beginning to end, we have no complaints. We hope you will consider our facility for future courses.”
Charleston, WV

“Ann did a great job of emailing and calling to make sure were prepared. I enjoyed the practical information I could use in the clinic on Monday morning (joint mobs, taping techniques, etc) and being able to attend for free! The instructors for the course were great, very personable and knowledgeable.”
Richmond, VA

“(Great Lakes Seminars) strives for excellence yet still has a relaxed and friendly approach. I would love to book all of our courses with GLS. They are the complete package!”
Smyrna, TN

"The information you made available (when we first looked into hosting one of your conferences) is very comprehensive, and the website is very easy to navigate. The staff at GLS is very friendly and helpful – the whole process is very streamlined – hosting a conference couldn’t be easier! What we really enjoy: The quality of the conferences – all have been excellent! The staff reports having new knowledge and skills which they immediately begin to apply in their practice. The “job” of hosting a GLS conference really is a hassle-free experience! I would rate our overall experiences with GLS as 6/6. Our staff raves about the quality of the GLS presenters."
Boston, MA